Interior fit out

Working on Chickie in the front yard relied on good weather, even with a tarp (or three).

We pulled the floor lockers out early so we could work on repairing them in our garage. This was great for rainy day projects!

Mostly the floor lockers were in reasonable condition – just needing some new framing in places.

The original kitchen cabinet though was long gone. We did have the original sink still, and the aluminium lining where the stove originally sat.

Thinking about how we wanted to use Chickie, we opted for a modified reproduction of the original cabinet.

We left a wider space for the fridge, alongside which we will add a wine rack.

We still have the original Tudor stove, but plan to only cook outside on our Weber for now. The original stove alcove will be used to store our kettle and toaster.

The original roof lockers and wardrobe were still in place, so those just had a lick of paint. We had previously reconfigured the wardrobe with shelving and an open bar on the island.

We kept this set up, but moved the doors we’d made for our original kitchen cabinet to the wardrobe for more storage.