1970 Airstream Overlander

Uprooting your whole life and moving to a new continent, even one as fabulous as Australia, is never easy. And let’s be frank, California is not too shabby either.

In 2006 when Megan moved to Australia full-time, she still wanted to have a base back in San Jose. It would be a place, to stay when visiting family, and to store those parts of her life that hadn’t yet made the transition.

But what to do?

For some years Megan had kept an eye on vintage Airstreams for sale. One fateful afternoon in the Qantas Club, after a few glasses of wine, we found one!

A 1970, 27 foot long Airstream in the mountains outside LA for sale on eBay. We placed a bid, caught our flight, and landed to find we now owned it. All we had to do was get back to the States to move it north to San Jose.

It was a happy second home for us for 10 years there. After a thorough internal clean out, we gradually repaired bits when visiting.

In 2017 the time had come to bring her home to Australia. After after several adventures, our silver beauty landed in Brisbane and made it out to our block of land for some more dedicated attention.

Follow along for more updates on our progress!