Interior finishes

By now, Megan had spent months watching me disappear into the front yard and wrestle with the rebuild.

Finally we had reached the stage for her interior design skills.

The original ceiling panels were marine plywood with a vinyl coat that was like a textured wall paper. We loved the finish but it was impossible buy a finished plywood replacement.

The original walls were also marine plywood with a plastic faux wood veneer. The previous owner had already painted over this, and to be honest, we didn’t miss it.

Megan undercoated all of the internal walls and we started to contemplate final finishes. Varnished plywood ceilings didn’t feel right to us, and the white on all surfaces was overwhelming.

We decided to look for wall paper for the ceiling to replicate, with a modern touch, the original look and feel. And we felt that wallpaper on some of the walls would soften the finishes and bring the space alive.

I’d been looking at flooring for years, both for Chickie and our Airstream. Forbo imported Marmoleum which had a real vintage feel and vibe.

For the ceiling, we chose a linen style wallpaper in a more contemporary grey. And for the walls, we celebrated our love of mid-century modern with a wall paper that captured a beach feel as well as a touch of retro.

It was Megan’s first attempt at wallpapering, and starting with the ceiling was not an easy entry – but it looks fantastic!