Just over a year from our first fateful trip to Retro Caravans, Chickie returned for her new drawbar, wheels, axle and brakes.

This time there were no issues – and within 2 weeks the old drawbar was replaced and new running gear installed.

We opted for mechanical brakes. Chickie last weighed in at 850kg, so mechanical brakes could do the job. And it made it more flexible for towing vehicles to not need wiring.

A previous owner had welded a plate on top of the chassis number welded on the original drawbar. Pre-1970 Franklins were numbered xxxx-yy. Where “xxxx” was the number chassis for that year, and “yy” was the year built.

We knew from what we could still see, and also markings from the original builders that the chassis number was 2297. We thought the year was 1967. Brendan cut off the old plate and confirmed – the original number was indeed 2297-7.

Finally we added a platform to the front drawbar to carry the Weber barbecue, awning and poles, and water hose.